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The new user interface


This article aims to provide users and administrators of Bricsys 24/7 with an overview of the key changes related to the introduction of the new user-interface.

The entire look and feel of the application changed to make it more performant and user-friendly, but at the same time we believe it will quickly feel familiar to most users.

Below we provide an overview of the key layout updates as well as additional or improved functionality that becomes available with the new user-interface.

New look and feel

Uploading documents
Uploading documents can now be done by dragging and dropping into a folder. There is no need to click the upload action any longer. To upload a new version of a file, you can drag and drop a new version onto the preview of the file.
Project setup
Under the Administration app we have combined the structure and folder access tabs into one place: Project setup. From here you can now set up your structure, link workflows and forms as well as organize the access rights for different roles.
Folders visibility
Folders are visible in the folder content overview.

Sub-folders and sub-binders are now visible as content of their parent folders.

This will allow for easier navigation and align with industry practices.

Forms/Workflow folders
The Forms and Workflow folders used to be part of the same folder structure as Files. We have now separated them to provide a cleaner and more intuitive overview.

Under Administration > Project setup, these types of folders now have their own dedicated section.

As a result, these different types of folders cannot be sub-folders of regular files folders.

Links app migrated to Forms app
We noticed the Links app had limited uses, and therefore decided to incorporate the links functionality within the Forms app. In this way, the links functionality is retained while making them a more integral part of the application.
Removed Forums and Calendar apps
Due to limited use, we have decided to remove the Forums and Calendar apps. Other alternatives might be implemented in the future based on industry requirements.
BIM app
We have taken a more integrated approach to BIM files, by removing the separate BIM app and aligning the look and feel of the BIM folders with the files folders. The data of the BIM model can now be viewed on the sidebar, as shown in the screenshot below.
Project info
The project information dialog gives you an overview of each folder and the possibility to download an Excel file with document information such as metadata, workflow steps etc.

We have moved this overview from the Structure app to the Reports app.

Dashboard app
In the past, after entering a project, the default page the user would see was the dashboard page.

We noticed that in most cases our users would immediately navigate to the Structure app, so we have removed the dashboard page to make the new Files app more accessible.

New/improved features

Hyperlinks and contacts for folders
We have added the possibility to add hyperlinks and contacts to folders. This is particularly useful when Bricsys 24/7 is used as a knowledge base.
More reports
On top of the previous Tasks by role report, you can now also find reports By user and By workflow.
Tasks without workflow (+ right to add simple tasks)
We have added the possibility to create new tasks in Bricsys 24/7 without having to use a workflow.

Users that want to create a task will need to be part of a role that has the right to create tasks, after which they can add new tasks in the Tasks app.

Improved search functionality
The Advanced search option now allows the user to search over several types of metadata fields.
New mobile app features
The Bricsys 24/7 mobile application now allows the user to:
  • Add, view, and edit metadata to uploaded files
  • Add tasks without workflow
  • View workflow task activities
  • Access projects with 2FA token cards
Adjustable Counter position in file name
Forms are often used to add metadata to uploaded files, and often the value of the form field is used to change the name of the file to adhere to a certain naming convention. In the previous interface the position of the ‘counter field’ was always at the end of the name.

This has now been adjusted so that the position of the counter field within the name now relates to the order the field is in within the form.

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